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Have you ever tried explaining something simple, but for some reason you never quite get it right? Some things or concepts are just not meant to be explained. They are meant to be felt and experienced. Similarly, this is the case with KOFFIE en KIND. One could say KOFFIE en KIND is a place where parents and their children gather to drink coffee and play with their children. This is a fairly accurate description of the day to day functioning of KOFFIE en KIND, but it does not necessarily show its underlying philosophy. After one visits KOFFIE en KIND it becomes clear that there are many aspects that make it unique and different, but what is the true essence behind KOFFIE en KIND?


When one enters KOFFIE en KIND one will find a microcosm of nationalities and different languages. One could hear a couple speaking in Dutch and English, but one might also find hear words in German or even Japanese. Koffie & Kind can be seen as a representation of the world and of our society. We can hear laughter when children open a box filled with party costumes and they are excited to dress up as ‘Snow White’ or ‘Superman’, yet we might hear a sudden cry when a child bumps his or her head on the doll house. Fortunately, a hug and a kiss are often enough to set a child back on its feet and ready to play with the Lego blocks. These everyday interactions are all integrated into the natural process of growing up, but sometimes we take them for granted. As children are guided by their parents and environment into adolescence and eventually adulthood, they are endowed with conscience, reason and moral values. Each and every parent should want what is best for their children. Who would not like to see their children grow up in a better world? Who would not like to see their children understand the importance of honesty and respect? Who would not like to see their children interact, play and learn from others with different cultures and backgrounds?


At KOFFIE en KIND we try to stimulate that growth and show that as a community of parents and children we can help bring up our children in an honest and better world. A world in which we can be honest about the foods and drinks we consume and purchase and a world in which a kind smile, friendly word and good cup of koffie are still valued. We might not quite be able to perfectly explain what KOFFIE en KIND, but we would like to invite you to experience it for yourself.


Written by a pride employee at KOFFIE en KIND,

Willem Cant







I have experienced KOFFIE en KIND as a child and parent-friendly place where parents can play and relaxed with their children. KOFFIE en KIND is a good place where children can discover and learn through fun playing corners and play together with other children. Parent and child have the feeling to be home in a cozy environment while visiting KOFFIE en KIND.


Linda Bezuijen-Westra

Educational adviser VÓÓR Welzijn




KOFFIE en KIND is a meeting place for parents and their children from the ages 0 up until around 4. It’s a place where you can play and explore together.